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It’s time for another WOW moment! 🤯 Ready? Hiring a good officiant is key.
I always encourage my couples to invest time and money into finding a good officiant. This is the vendor that makes your wedding special- an actual wedding vs. just a party with friends and family. I’ve been to weddings where the ceremony did not reflect the couple. No one wants this! 

Other big things to consider:
  • Does your officiant understand your beliefs?
  • Do they have back-up in case of illness or emergency?
  • If you’re thinking of going the friend/family route: Uncle Joe may be hilarious and your college bestie may slay at parties. But…. are they able to handle public speaking with good stage presence for one of the biggest days of your lives? (If not, maybe give them a special time to speak at the reception instead.)
Just a note: All packages at Devotions INCLUDE officiating from Wendy or one of her well-loved, experienced team of officiants! Still want to hire your own? No problem! We can help with other tips for choosing your officiant. Reach out anytime!