Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Our Venue!

Wendy from Devotions Wedding Chapel “unveils” the answers to your questions!

1. Are officiant services included in the cost of your packages?

Yes, all of our packages include officiating services! When I entered the wedding business, I started as an officiant and found I thoroughly enjoyed writing and designing a ceremony that is a true reflection of the couple. All of my ceremonies are personalized to each couple, and they have the ability to choose every aspect that is in their ceremony. I have done ceremonies that have no religious mention as well as ceremonies that have a strong religious basis. A ceremony should not be a reflection of the officiant, but rather that of the couple. I have been honored to integrate numerous religions. It is always interesting to incorporate various beliefs and to research the meaning behind those beliefs. While we would love to perform your ceremony, you are more than welcome to hire your own officiant as well. 

2. Where exactly is Devotions Wedding Chapel located? 

We are located in the beautiful countryside just a short distance from Green Bay, Appleton, and Manitowoc Wisconsin. We have a lovely reception area right on site, or it is not too far to get to a bigger city for post-wedding festivities.  I was initially concerned that couples would find that we were too rural, but all of our couples have loved the peaceful and picturesque setting. It also allows you to feel like you are in your own little world for the big day!

3. Why do your packages include so much time versus a few hour blocks?

We strive to create an experience for our couples instead of trying to schedule multiple weddings. Initially, we only offered whole day packages on Saturdays, but decided that partial day packages catered to our brides who were unable to do hair and makeup on site. Either our whole day or half day packages still allow couples ample time for breakfast or lunch, before ceremony pictures, and family pictures afterward. While officiating the years prior, I realized couples felt two and three hour blocks were restrictive and stressful. Devotions allows couples to relax before and after their ceremony, get all the pictures they desire, and even get some food in their bellies before drinking or dancing the evening away!