Devotions Commotions!

Welcome to one of our new regular features called Devotions Commotions! 

Here I will share some of our funniest wedding mishaps or moments of panic that turned into stories to be told through the generations. 

Should We All Scream?
We were officiating a lovely outdoor wedding offsite near Green Bay, Wisconsin in the summertime. All guests and the wedding party were in their places, eagerly awaiting what is arguably the sweetest part of a wedding– the procession of the flower girl and the ring bearer.This particular ring bearer was more nervous than most… Despite the encouraging smiles from all, he stood frozen at the back of the aisle looking ahead with wide-eyed, downright fear!

In the background of gentle coaxing from the attendees, we started to hear the familiar sound of an ice cream truck. The little guy turned quickly to see it passing by just then and literally bolted away (I can’t say I blame him– I sometimes have that reaction to ice cream too!). He disappeared in a flash from the wedding and was off toward the truck– with rings in hand!

A quick-footed family member was able to catch our adorable ring bearing bandit with laughs from all. Many joked that he could buy the whole truck making a trade for the rings!